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Wedding Videography

Days don't come any bigger than this, it's that simple. From the pre-ceremony preparation, to the first dance, we capture the magic of the day and let it live forever on DVD or Blu-Ray Disc. We will produce a beautiful production that combines the series of wonderful moments that make up your wedding day, with music of your choice, and creative editing that will bring you back to that special time and place.

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Wedding Videography

Pre Ceremony - A wedding video isn't quite complete without capturing the special moments between the Bride and her Bridesmaids, and the Groom and his Groomsmen, on the morning of the big day. This period provides a brief look "behind the scenes", and allows for intimate interviews with all the members of the bridal party.

Ceremony - This is where the excitement climaxes at one of life's most precious moments. We capture every emotion, every breath, every second. Using a wireless mic and multiple cameras from different angles we ensure the magic of the day will live forever on video.

Post Ceremony - Following the ceremony, we add the scenic beauty of your photo shoot to the video, working with the photographer to capture breathtaking shots of the Bride and Groom, both by themselves and together with the wedding party.

Reception - When friends and family come together to celebrate, we capture all the joy, happiness, and age-old traditions. From the first speech to the first dance, we'll be there.

Wedding Trailer - This short 5 to 7 minute video is the perfect way to show friends and family the highlights of your wedding day. Also, at the reception, we can also surprise the Bride, Groom, and their guests, with a similar presentation composed of pictures and video captured earlier in the day.


Your Special Day

A distinctly personalized approach ensures your video's uniqueness, complete with an authentic feel
Over $10,000 of professional equipment available for your wedding day including wireless mics and HD cameras
Available live broadcast option to reach family and friends unable to attend
Custom music, titles, end credits, and cover photos are all standard. Options include Blu-Rays and/or digital copies
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