Weddings Packaging and Pricing

The Ceremony | The Ceremony and Reception | Bronze Wedding Day | Silver Wedding Day | Gold Wedding Day | Package Add-Ons

Below we've put together five different packages; however these may not necessarily be a perfect fit for your special day. Don't hesitate to craft your own unique package, and we will happily provide you with a quote. Visit our Video Showcase page to view samples of our work, or contact us for more information.

Standard in all of our packages:

  • A free consultation/planning session to go over the details of your big day and to answer any questions you might have
  • Professional camera operators with over 15 years of combined professional experience
  • Up to $10 000 worth of equipment on set including wireless microphones
  • Creative and detailed editing during the post-production phase, including your choice of music
  • Customized, professional packaging of your DVD and Blu-Ray Discs
  • A draft to review and request revisions if necessary
  • A free electronic download of your special day


Wedding Package A: The Ceremony

  • Full video coverage of the ceremony from the arrival of guests, to the newlyweds' celebratory exit (one camera)
  • Shots of guests congratulating the Bride and Groom immediately following the ceremony
  • Establishing interior and exterior shots before the ceremony, including scenery and guests
  • One professionally packaged DVD copy & electronic download
  • $275 (tax included)
  • With an additional camera $445 (tax included)


Wedding Package B: The Ceremony and Reception

  • **Wedding Package A with 2 cameras** plus
  • Full video coverage of the reception from the Bride and Groom's arrival, to half an hour of dancing (one camera)
  • Establishing interior and exterior shots before the reception, including scenery and guests
  • $735 (tax included)
  • With an additional camera at the reception $895 (tax included)


Wedding Package C: The Bronze Wedding Day

  • **Wedding Package B with two cameras** plus
  • Video of the precious, unscripted moments as the Bride prepares for her big day (one camera)
  • $1095 (tax included)


Wedding Package D: The Silver Wedding Day

  • **Wedding Package C** plus
  • Video of the precious, unscripted moments as the Groom prepares for his big day (one camera)
  • Full video coverage of the Bride and the Groom during their photo shoot. Creative Shots during this portion will be put to music and enhanced by visual effects in post-production, adding a timeless touch to your video.
  • 5 professionally packaged DVD copies
  • $1595 (tax included)


Wedding Package E: The Gold Wedding Day

  • **Wedding Package D** plus
  • A 5-10 minute "Video and Stills" presentation that combines stills given to us before the wedding day with video captured on the wedding day itself. Shown to both the guests and the wedding party at the reception.
  • A 5-10 minute wedding trailer full of all the highlights from your wedding day; perfect for showing family and friends. Also perfect for optionally uploading to YouTube to show those who were unable to attend.
  • A closing photo montage, edited to your choice of music and using your photographers pictures, is the perfect way to recap your day, and a fitting ending to your treasured wedding video.
  • 5 professionally packaged DVD copies, including 5 copies of your wedding highlights video
  • $2195 (tax included)

Package Add-Ons:

  • Additional DVD copies are $15. For extra-copy orders of 10 or more please contact us for more details.
  • Blue Ray copies are $30 each.
  • Custom Wedding Trailers between 5-10 minutes long are $180.00. These condensed videos are perfect for showing friends and family the highlights from your wedding day. Comes with 3 fully packaged copies, and is perfect for upload to YouTube.
  • Photo Montages with pictures of your choice set to your choice of song are $90.
  • Purchase Your Raw Footage on HD tape for $15/hr OR digitally for storage on your computer $5/hr


Remember, we are open to custom package design if one of our carefully crafted packages does not meet what you’re particularly looking for.