Sport Videography ~ Capture Every Angle

Sport Videography

From soccer to hockey, lacrosse to MMA, regardless of your sport of choice
we can provide you with a unique video solution. Whether you need multiple cameras and a live broadcast for a large-scale production, or game tape with individual highlights, we've got you covered. Below we have broken up our service into two categories.

Large-Scale Production

Sporting Events

Looking for a live broadcast? Live switching with multiple cameras on to an overhead screen? A professional DVD/Blu-Ray production run after your event? We do it all. Since partnering with AFC (Armageddon Fighting Championship) in the summer of 2009, we've done all of the above and more for their six successive shows at Bear Mountain arena. Operating four high-definition cameras and coordinating them from a control booth, we broadcast live over the internet, display live on a large overheard screen, and afterwards, edit it all together for DVD, Blu-Ray and television delivery. We are proud to offer competitive pricing and unmatched value. Contact us today for a free quote.


Individual or Team

Individual Highlight Promos

Whether it's a coach who would love to get their hand on high-quality game-tape, a player who wants a highlight compilation to send in to a prospective university or scout, or a parent who would simply like to have a copy to look back upon years down the road, we can accommodate to meet whichever your request.

Alternatively, teams can also arrange to pool their resources together and split the cost of game tape and highlight videos amongst themselves. This allows players to obtain copies, both to keep and send away to schools, more cost efficiently.

Large Productions

Experience with large events with up to four cameras and angles
Reach an unlimited amount of potential viewers by broadcasting your event live over the internet
Live switching between shots available for both live broadcast or live display on a jumbotron/screen
Post-production expertise in producing to television specs and working with the CTRC
Professional DVDs and Blu-Rays with packaging made available for internal consumption or distribution
Pricing varies depending on the size/scope of your project. Please contact us for a free quote and/or more information


Individual or Team

Experience filming a wide variety of sports from hockey to lacrosse to MMA
Game tape or highlight discs can be ordered individually or at a discounted rate by a team
Highlight discs offer the perfect "portfolio" to send to prospective college or university
Pricing varies depending on the size/scope of your project. Please contact us for a free quote and/or more information