Business Solutions

DCMC offers a variety of ways to redefine the image of your business or organization. We can help you utilize the new importance of virtual and visual marketing to allow you to shape your brand, and reach more potential clients.



Wedding Videography

Days don't come any bigger than this, it's that simple. From the pre-ceremony preparation, to the walk down the aisle, to the spotlight first dance, we can capture the magic of the day and let it live on forever on DVD or Blu-Ray Disc. 


Video Transfers and
Duplication Services

Video Transfers

Do you have an old collection of aging VHS, HI-8 or other tapes with important family memories stored on them? Our quick, economic conversion service transfers them to DVD or Blu-Ray before they inevitably deteriorate over time.



More Services

Live Events

Live Events: Capture the moment. Whether it's a personal gathering, theatre production, or rock concert, we'll be there...>>>

Graduation Ceremonies: Share forever this timeless right of passage. Order past copies or sign up your school today!...>>>
Life Story and Memorial Videos

Life Story and Memorial Videos: Every memory is unique and invaluable. Let us help protect them against the passage of time...>>>

Home Video Editing
Home Video Editing: Dust off your home movies and turn them into a timeless collection. Create your own Hollywood story...>>>
Sport Videography

Sporting Events & Highlight Videos: From large production broadcasts to individual highlight videos and everything in between...>>>

Other Video Production
Other Video Production:
The possibilities are limited only by imagination. Find out more about how we can bring your ideas to life...