Our Equipment ~ Only the Best Will Do

Our Equipment

When deciding on a videographer it is important to differentiate legitimate companies from the ones with very little experience and amateur equipment. Anyone can purchase a video camera, throw together a cheap website and call themselves professional videographers. For this reason we have laid out our key pieces of equipment with a brief description on why they are necessary in producing professional quality video.

Video Production Equipment

Video Equipment

We have a total of 4 high definition video cameras. Unless we say otherwise, we will be using one of our two Canon XH-A1 3CCD cameras. Besides being HD, they have easily accessible manual options allowing us to compensate for different lighting situations and fluctuating sound, and are supported by professional Manfrotto tripods.

Other key equipment we use for production include our mobile green screen studio, camera-mounted teleprompter, professional lighting studio, and a high-performance laptop for webcasting on the go.


Audio Production Equipment

Audio Equipment

50% of video is audio. That might surprise some people but it's true. Without good audio an otherwise great video can be left undesirable. That is why we have invested heavily in audio equipment including numerous handheld and shotgun mics, a wireless Sennheiser mic, and audio capture equipment.

Additionally, we have a selection of walkies and professional headsets so that we are able to stay in communication during large-scale, multi-camera events.


Post-Production Equipment

Post-Production Equipment

After the footage is shot and captured, our three high-powered quad-core computers get to work editing the video in its native HD format to maintain the highest quality possible. We use Adobe Production Suite to edit all of our video, with Premiere and After Effects being the most important components of an impressive editing suite.

Also available to us in post-production are DVD and Blu-Ray burners, DVD multipliers, video transfer equipment, and disc-art printers.


Our Tools

Over $15 000 in video equipment available for live shoots, not including our powerful post-production studio used to edit the video afterwards
All of our key pieces of equipment have been purchased new within the past 4 years
4 High Definition video cameras including our 2 flagship Canon XH-A1s
Complete set of professional audio equipment including boom, wireless lavalier, and shotgun microphones
Green Screen and Teleprompter for creating professional back-dropped videos
Full 3-point professional lighting set with additional lighting available if required