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Other Video Productions

Ever had an idea to do something that's just a little abstract and really unique, but found the company you needed to help you somewhat inflexible, and in the end just got in the way of your original idea? That's why we created our "Other Video Production" division - to meet the needs of those whose creative thinking deserves to be put onto video for others to see. This division is exactly what it says it is, other video production, meaning any other video production that isn't specifically covered as another one of our services.

In the fall of 2008, we were challenged yet again by a client who wanted to surprise her husband on his 40th birthday with a set of short videos re-enacting various moments of his life. We were excited to work alongside actors, and worked with a script developed by the client to deliver the series of videos to thunderous laughter and applause at the client's husband's 40th birthday party. Another success, and another example of DCMC working "outside the box".

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Sky's the Limit

We turn ideas into reality. The possibilities truly are limitless
We are a full production studio - capable of handling all production and post-production requirements
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