The Owners - Standing Behind the Brand

DCMC Productions

In our opinion, a company is only as strong as the people that stand behind it. In the summer of 2005 DCMC Productions became a registered company in the province of British Columbia. The reality that we have been close friends for over 10 years has helped us work collaboratively together, and although each of us bring different skills and approaches to what we do, we both share a common goal to provide exceptional service and a memorable experience to all our customers.

Our guarantee to you is that you simply will not find another company as willing to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.


Aaron Gunn and Jon Shah

Our Team

Jon Shah - Current Owner & CEO

Jon was born and raised in Victoria, and enjoys the many benefits of living on the island. Jon has recently graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration and utilizes his skills and knowledge towards the growth of the business. As a sports enthusiast, Jon spends a good portion of his free time on the field or in the gym. Driven towards success, Jon looks to steadily improve the quality of which DCMC delivers.

Aaron Gunn - Co-Founder & Current Owner

Aaron is an outgoing, creative individual who is proud to call Victoria his home. An avid ice hockey player growing up, his interests have since diversified to include history, politics, and future technology. Innovation is Aaron's true passion, always driving him to examine old problems in new ways. He is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from the University of Victoria. Say what you want about Aaron, but be forewarned to keep your blackberry-trashing comments to yourself!

Andrew Slater - Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Andrew was born and raised in Victoria, and is now a proud resident of the Greater Vancouver area. Andrew has traveled around the world, from the awing historical sights of Europe, to adventurous tours in Central America. In his life in Vancouver, Andrew's interests range from staying active through sports, to kicking back and watching a good movie. Andrew is also engaged with current events at all levels of government, and is always a ready and willing participant in a well-spirited debate. Andrew is also a Bachelor of Commerce graduate.

Dallas Cullen - Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Dallas was also born and raised in Victoria, and is now a respected member of the Calgary community. When not complaining about Calgary weather, Dallas enjoys playing sports and volunteering. He has traveled throughout Asia and Central America, and believes the lessons learned abroad have helped shape who he is today. If you get the opportunity of meeting Dallas on the job, simply mention the Canucks and you'll instantly find yourself with an ice-breaking topic of conversation. Dallas is also a Bachelor of Commerce graduate and is currently pursuing his CPA designation.



Our Guarantee

You will not find another company willing to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction
You will not find another group of owners as committed to the company's success and reputation
You will not find superior value anywhere else on the market







Our Focus

We are all professional cameramen and editors, however we also specialize in other fields
Aaron Gunn manages DCMC's finances, in addition to maintaining key corporate relationships and serving as the primary video editor
Jon Shah handles all elements within the video transfers division and is the primary customer service contact
Dallas Cullen and Andrew Slater co-founded DCMC Productions with Aaron Gunn over 8 years ago and remain on as Strategic Advisors integral to the strategic direction of the company