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Home Video Editing

The memories that we collect on home videos become priceless pieces of who we are, but are all too often difficult to navigate, rough between scenes, lacking flow throughout, without helpful references and littered with drawn-out sequences that detract from the memorable moments they separate.

DCMC can work with you to spice-up your home videos by adding custom DVD menus, smooth transitions between scenes, text where you choose to help explain or detail what's happening, background music, and by removing detracting pieces of video. Individually or combined, these alterations can bring your home videos to life, and redefine the way your family stories are told.

If your home videos are currently on VHS, HI-8, or another video medium, please visit our Video Transfers page to see how you can first convert them to DVD, Blu-Ray, or have them transferred to your computer.

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More Information

Custom DVD or Blu-Ray menus allow for easier navigation
Transitions, background music, and basic editing improve video flow
Add text subtitles to identify people, places, and circumstances
Pricing varies on the size and scope of your product, although all editing is done at our $40 hourly rate
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