Jump on the Bandwagon: Go Green

Green Screen Videos
Take outside-the-box thinking and creativity to the next level with our green screen technology. The possibilities truly are limitless. Key out the background and replace it with anything you'd like - from a sharp white backdrop, to a still photo, to 3rd party video found on the internet.

Along with our green screen we bring a full range of supporting equipment which includes professional lighting, and our standard audio/video setup. Additionally we bring our state-of-the-art teleprompter. Our teleprompter not only allows you to load your script directly on to it, but also for your script to be read while the camera is being looked at directly. This is accomplished using a specialized mirror set-up and is the only way to achieve the highest-quality results.

Below are our two Green Screen videos we produced for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:

Simply Limitless

Key out (edit out) the green backdrop and replace with background of your choice
Both our experience with animation and special effects can be used to enhance your video
Professional equipment includes green screen, teleprompter, lighting, and wireless audio
Videos optimized for online or offline viewing: embedded on your website, youtube, or burned to DVD/Blu-Ray

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