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Promotional Videos

Creating a promotional video for your company is the next step in growing your business. By reaching out to and connecting with a larger audience of potential clientele, you give your business an interactive edge over the competition. Whether you're interested in launching a new product, incorporating video on to your website, or looking to go viral, our team of professionals will work alongside side you to produce a video which places emphasis on the strengths and key messages of your business strategy.

Beginning in the spring of 2010, and well into 2011, DCMC Productions partnered with New York based CGI Communications to bring over 40 promotional videos to small businesses in Victoria BC as part of the city's video TourBook initiative. From the Saanich Dental Group to Brown Bros Insurance, we worked with local businesses to ensure their key messaging was reflected in their videos. You can view these videos by clicking here or by visiting the city's website at your own convenience.


The Next Level

Partnered to create over 50 promotional videos for local businesses to be featured on the City of Victoria's Website
Working relationship with organizations including the Yellow Pages Group and New York based, CGI Communications
Past and current clients include The Canadian Taxpayer's Federation, University of Victoria, and Royal BC Museum
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